A delivery of equipment at any point of the globe.

             About the company

Joint-stock company Electrocomplektoborudovanie (JSC "Electro") delivers various power, electrotechnical, process equipment, cables, devices, communication facilities and automatics, spare parts and other goods for power stations, high-voltage substations and industrial enterprises.
JSC "Electro" delivers the equipment on the objects which are under construction by JSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, JSC Technopromexport, JSC Tyazhpromexport, JSC Atomstroy, OJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, JSC United Metallurgical Company, AL NASR Company For Coke and Chemicals, AL NASR Mining Co, "Cemex-Assiut Cement Company" Egypt, Thuan Thanh JSC Vietnam, ZEROMAX GmbH Switzerland and others.
The equipment supplied by JSC "Electro" works not only at the power stations in Russia, but also in Iran at Ramin SPP, Esfahan SPP, in Iraq at Jusifija SPP, in Syria at Tishrin SPP, in Vietnam at HEP "Hoabihn", Chian, Jali, SPP Wongbi, Falai, in Pakistan at Multan SPP, in Bangladesh at Siddhirganj SPP, in Algeria at SPP Jijel, in Bulgaria at SPP Varna", in India at SPP Kahalgaon, in Montenegro at SPP Plevle, in Serbia at SPP Kostolac, in Tajikistan at HEP Sangtudinskaja and also at the energy objects of Mongolia, Slovakia, Yemen, Cuba, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and other countries. Joint-Stock Company "Electro" delivers the equipment and material resources at any point of the globe with carrying out of all necessary export-import customs procedures.

The brief list of the delivered equipment and products:

-generators, transformers, electric motors;
-switches, disconnectors, circuit breakers, reactors, switchgears, accumulators;
-industrial pump;
-glass and ceramic insulators, bushings;
-rectifiers, converters,
-electric control panels,
-cases and boxes electric;
-devices control, measuring, showing, recording;
-gas analyzers;
-gauges, thermocouples;
-cables, wires;
-power transmission towers 6-1150 kV;
-line fittings;
-lamps, fixtures;
-any other equipment  and spare parts for electric and  industrial plants.

Legal address

17 B, Mosfilmovskaya street,
Moscow, 119330, Russia

Address for correspondence:
17 B, Mosfilmovskaya street,
Moscow, 119330, Russia
e-mail: info@el-eq.com
tel/fax: (495)334-93-92


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